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 Introduction Page.

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PostSubject: Introduction Page.   Fri Jan 11, 2008 7:55 pm

Welcome to the Royal Navy's Forum...Please feel free to look around and say hi and tell us a little about yourself.

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PostSubject: Re: Introduction Page.   Sat Jan 12, 2008 3:37 pm

Ahoy all,
I'm Cap. Lockhart (has I prefer to be called if you please),
I am 22 yrs old and I'm a student of psychology and work in the same area.
Currently I'm playing a level 19 Naval Officer and I plan of hitting 21 then switching to FT and economy.

About me, I am a hardcore veteran MMO Player with several years of experience, I'm quite focused on P.v.E and P.v.P.

I'm a friendly active player.
Hope to see you all in the great Open Sea.

Cap. Lockhart.
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PostSubject: Re: Introduction Page.   Sat Jan 12, 2008 5:35 pm

Name and Rank: Admaral Rax Defias im greedy i have a few Ranks:P the RoyalNavy logistics Officer
also know as: Dave
Age: 27
National: English
Game Goals: FreeTrader Building up and maintaining Society Ecomny nad Ship production which seems everyone else is doing within society so might have to change my plans, setting up re-source runs to assit in transporation and production efforts and acting as a go between when arrangeing naval escort, Breaking heads when needed and giveing aid and advice all other times and generaly helping our society grow any

About me: long term MMO Vet PvE PVP E&B EVEonline WOW SWG TR AL LOTROL and many more been playing mmos for as long as i can rember 18yrs+ at a random guess withoutlooking back through bank statments Razz im a easy going guy always up for a laugh and a joke serious when needed,

hope to see you all in the open Sea Soon,

Admaral RaxDefias
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Richard Blackstock

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PostSubject: Re: Introduction Page.   Wed Jan 30, 2008 6:32 am

Name and rank: (role playing) Richard Blackstock (I'll be Sir Richard as soon as father and elder brother pass on). RL: Call me Graham Smile
Age: um 40 plus
Sex: Male
Nationality: English - living in south London.

Game goals: I love military history and enjoy mission running and of course the ultimate target of a very good Frigate or perhaps Shiip of the Line. I'm not very competive but happy to pvp for good of country. Fun is vital Smile

About me: Married with five year old son. Should I not be replying to hails and it is before 7pm assume my son is sailing! I've a similar MMO background to many of you. started on DAOC, then SWG, across to Eve online (stayed there a few years). I still have an EQ2 account (son = floglock) but have to admit to being almost totally in love with this game. On whenever I possibly can without harming family, (most nights 9pm plus).
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Francis Lubbock


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PostSubject: Re: Introduction Page.   Wed Jan 30, 2008 6:46 am

Hello Privateer Francis Lubbock, Captain of the "Renown"
In the game im a Privateer, gonna stick with that class because noone plays em Smile
Same reason im sticking to Dirty Fighting, just because noone else does Smile

I played MMORPG for about 12 years, starting in the great Dark Age of Camelot where i started as a lowly nOOb and ending up as guildleader and alliance leader of one of the biggest guilds . Then i played for some time in WoW just like everyone else, decided WoW was too big a grind fest, so went to Lord of the Rings Online fun game but just didnt do it for me, tried Tabula Rasa stopped due to it just didnt get it claws in me, so now PoTB and im hooked Smile

Real life im just your average nerd love som good televisionshows, play a little roleplaying live and tabletop and just slagging through life Smile

I work as leader of a Booking Department at Scandic Hotels, its good steady work and i can spam the forum all day long OK!

And if anyone havnt realised it im a Dane and thus love to type long posts, some Rants and others just long...Its the Danish way.
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Tanth Nefzen


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PostSubject: Re: Introduction Page.   Sat Feb 02, 2008 10:52 am

Howdy Alleged Captain Tanth Nefzen here! captain of er.. well, a few ships actually. I know they can't be seen by others, so they have rather silly names. Currently captain of HMS "Pewpewlazerbeamz" (running joke with older brother) And the HMS Glug Glug Glug.
Call me Tanth, or Si, or Val, or Rovas, i answer to all of 'em. (Tanth, Valawyn and Rovas are standard names of mine for any game requiring a name) Playing a Naval Officer, but beginning to wish i'd made a priv, given my speedfreakish tendencies. Currently mainly focussed on PvP, but stick the odd PvE session in there to try and keep up level-wise. Got my economy all set up ( i help family make ships) So if you need sails/sail outfitting/rigging/leather/rum/hull patches/Mast braces etc, lemme know.
Used to RP alot on NWN servers, but kind of lost interest in the amount of commitment needed to RP properly. Been gaming since i was about 6, and been online gaming ever since my dad bought UO when i was about 12 :S Don't really have a preferred game genre, as i play everything from FPSes to geeky swords+magic stuff and most in-between.

I'm not technically minded in the slightest, and only know how to install games+switch my PC on, so i'll probably be asking really basic techie questions. Er... i've worked for the last 7 years in all sorts of care jobs, recently left my job on account of a slightly crazy service user and a projectile cup of coffee. But will no doubt be back and being assaulted in a week or two in another place.

I'm a typical northerner (brit) so i tend not to use teamspeak/ventrillo as i swear without realising it, and it tends to upset people. When typing i get a chance to edit out all the f**k's etc, and then come across as a bit more of a reasonable person Razz

I'll be playing at all sorts of hours due to shift work, but saturdays is pretty much a no-go for me as the mrs is home from uni, so i have to avoid the comp for some "couple time".

Other than that, i've got a warped sense of humour, and am extremely sarcastic. If i offend you with sarcasm please let me know, i don't do it to offend, and will apologise if i really annoy someone with it. er... that's about it i think!
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PostSubject: Re: Introduction Page.   Sun Feb 03, 2008 3:32 pm

Evenin' all, well you probably all know me but what the heck eh? Razz

I'm Captain Abraxus Lazzurs or Brax/Arsehole if you like. I currently Captain a Posti and a Falcon. My Posti being the ship I roll into PvP battles and gather up and superglue back together again afterwards. Yay for stacking deeds Very Happy

Umm, I'm 21, bordering on 22 and I live in Scotland. I was a Student studying Graphical Design stuff, but I took a year out to go on a would tour in April. I lead a fairly boring life, I'm staff at Scotland's largest LAN party, if you live in Scotland logon and check it out and I play unhealthly amounts of games while mantaining a healthy social life...That being said I only work weekends so with 5 days to play with it's not hard Razz

If you're wondering what I do in-game...Well I log in, use smiley faces far too much while talking Smile sail up and down the coast moving Iron Ore and Iron related materials for all you crafter types in Bartica. Then if I have enough time I tend to go around blowing an awful lot of stuff up and giggling away to myself as I watch crew members on enemy ships getting blown off the rigging and I do all this while sat in my seat moshing away to some form of heavy metal.

\m/ [^_^] \m/
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PostSubject: Re: Introduction Page.   Fri Feb 15, 2008 12:18 pm

Hi all

Isidore Tabor here. Good to be on board with you all.

Lvl 17 at the mo but slowly levelling!
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PostSubject: Re: Introduction Page.   

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Introduction Page.
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