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 After Returning from England, Sharpe needed a new home

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Captain Sharpe RN

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PostSubject: After Returning from England, Sharpe needed a new home   Mon Dec 13, 2010 4:17 pm

Gentlemen, I come to you today after returning from a long voyage to England to see my Son, Vincent Sharpe (Roberts) off to Naval College.
I have been present in the Carribean since the early days (Open Beta), but I am in no way a veteran captain, as I take small missions as and when.
My old Squadron, the Windwards are not to be found, maybe they have all finally been killed by Pirates or French (no difference in my book) so
I come before you to assist in what small way I can.
My details are as follows:-

Real Name: James Hensman
In-Game Name: Sharpe RN, S.R.Sharpe, Richard Sharpe
In-Game Level: 50, 48, 12
Class: NO, FT, Prvt
Age: 40
Gender: Male
Previous MMO Experience: this one since open Beta, Eve, WoW
Goals in the Game: Help out, make items, and kill French
Why the Royal Navy - Is there anything else ? I am Sharpe RN for a reason !!!!
What You Have to Offer: an extra Broadside in our eternal battle
Other Comments: Currently making Iron / Brass / Hemp Rope / Sail Cloth

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After Returning from England, Sharpe needed a new home
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