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 Captain Hamilton's Birthday

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Captain Perseus Hamilton


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PostSubject: Captain Hamilton's Birthday   Thu Mar 27, 2008 9:34 am

The Royal Navy HQ was deserted.

A lonely bell sounded in the misty harbour, where once many fine Ships of the Line belonging to illustrious names such as Fletcher, Beaufort, Ronnie and Collister once docked.

Tumbleweed blew gently down the streets which once bustled with the vibrant life of a busy port; drunken captains spilling out of taverns, falling into the traders and civilians that had once flocked to the port.

Now, the only sound of life was the gentle tolling of the bell, the odd slamming of a broken door in the wind and a faint singing issuing from the broken mansion that served as headquarters.

Through the dusty corridors, past rooms full of debris and ruined charts, past dining halls with rotting meals abandoned on the tables - to a once rich carpet, and a door that had seen better days...

'Schfuniggn...arghle..oonce more... ooooh I joined thhe service when I was three, before I even learnt to pe..wait thss not right' A drunken voice issued forth from beneath said doo, which opens gently to allow our camera in.

See one Captain Hamilton, dress uniform in rather a state, sprawled out on a chair. His loyal retainer stands just behind 'the chair holding a platter with a decanter of Tokay. The song continued in a ramshackled way, with poor Perseus muttering betwixt verses.

Eventually the retainer stepped forward; 'umm sir? I dont think they are coming. I dont think anyones been here for quite a while'

'Nonsense boy! Why I remember when this was the hub of the Carribean. It was only last bloody week.' Captain Hamilton unsteadily rose to his feet and trod on his cat.

'Blast!' He walked over to the window. He sighed.'Where have you served with me, boy?'

'Well, first officer on your frigate in EvE sir, I was your Imp in WoW, your shield in LoTRo and a small cat in Guild Wars' replied the retainer.

'This was the best by far.' He walked along the wall where lay a great many portaits of fine officers. He stopped beneath that of Admiral Collister.'I recieved my first posting here, you know that boy?'

The retainer did indeed know the story well, and braced for its telling.

A telling that was not forthcoming. 'Im...tired Daniel.' Captain Hamilton collapsed into an armchair, and signaled for brandy. Knocking back a glass, he lifted a Walnut and gold box from his side, and opened it.

Inside lay a fine pistol, with a small compartment of powder and shot. On it lay the inscription 'Royal Navy, class of 08' and a small badly drawn woodcut with one of the younger sailors pulling a silly face. There is always one.

Hamilton sighed again. No orders. No senior officers..No link to the King.

He began to draw out the pistol, as his retainer hesitantly began to step towards him. Suddenly there was a tremendous knocking at the doors, which due to rot, flew them off their hinges.

A sailor appeared, breathless: 'sir...ship..spotted'

'Ours or theirs sailor?' said the retainer, still edging towards the downcast Captain.

'Not...sure...sir...looked though telescope...only...saw this...gesture' He made the gesture.

Immediately Hamilton slammed the lid of the pistol box shut and stood to his feet. So! the gesture makers were back!

'Where are the crew?' he shouted, marching furiously down the corridor.

'Giving a rendition of traditional Welsh singing to a group of Spider Monkeys by he docks sir'

Hamilton grinned - orders at last.
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PostSubject: Re: Captain Hamilton's Birthday   Mon Mar 31, 2008 8:00 am

Send your 4 fastest ships to the points on the compass and see if we can rescue our mates lost in the Carib. Tell them I have freshly painted Man-o-Wars waiting for their return. I pray the ships currently being sold on the open market are not going to the enemy.

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Captain Hamilton's Birthday
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