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 1.2 and the new UI

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PostSubject: 1.2 and the new UI   Tue Feb 26, 2008 7:54 pm

New Devlog: 1.2 UI Improvements Preview
02.26.08 by fraxl

The UI strike team I told y’all about in my last devlog is nearing the end of their first month together. We’ve been really busy and have lots of fancy new stuff to show off in the 1.2 patch you’ll be downloading soon. Read on!

One of the areas we were most excited to start fixing up was the chat system. We know you’ve been struggling with its… idiosyncrasies… since launch, so it was our first priority. We still have a few more ideas for the future, but the improvements in the upcoming patch are really awesome:

Full details Here


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1.2 and the new UI
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