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 Society Guidelines/Aims/Goals

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PostSubject: Society Guidelines/Aims/Goals   Mon Feb 11, 2008 1:42 pm

Ok here are a few things to keep in mind when in game and on the forums.

1.Respect all society members and officers and other players from all nations,costs nothing to be polite.
2.Helping the society members and economy will help us grow and also help you! (Please contact Isa Paine or Black Adder ingame for ways to help )
3.Society chat is for society matters/chat, not a place to run down each other or lower the tone of the topic.(Society chat is not the place to discuss heated matters)
4.If you have an idea for the society then please use the forum
5.Ventrilo is not a must but it comes in very handy for pvp/port battles..even if you dont have a mic it can help a lot.
6.Please contact any officer ingame or via the forums if you have had a bad experience or been offended by any other society member.
7.Any information about the society stays in the information should be used from the forum or pvt messages without permisson.
8.Please try and answer any questions from new members or direct them to someone who will know the answer.
9.If anyone contacts you about joining the society then please direct them to the forum first and one of the officers will contact them ingame or via the forum.

Ventrilo Voice Server

1.When you join vent for the first time you will need to register to be able to access the rooms, please contact Loch Raven and he will get you sorted.
2.When hunting in xp/pvp groups please use the battle channel and not the other rooms...this will help you work better as a group and also prevent the rest of the society hearing you drown them out when you see a target.
3.Please keep the chat/banter clean and respect each other.
4.If you wish to take part in the convo please let the person finish talking before you jump in (one person talking at a time)

Common sense peeps Smile



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Society Guidelines/Aims/Goals
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