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 Rachel Lockhart, the History Vol. I

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PostSubject: Rachel Lockhart, the History Vol. I   Thu Jan 31, 2008 7:10 am

The sun was long set and the result was a cold windy night, the stars were shining brightly up high, surely they knew what was to happen and shined has never before some may say. The sea was gentle has if he knew of the baby soon to arrive, he in his on way sang his song with special care and tenderness, unnatural for the known harsh winter Caribbean sea, but then again, there is little that can be called normal on such a day. And thus through much screaming and pain a small silence was heard, followed by a gentle cry.

The young maid left the room with a unnatural look on her face, she was crying but she was also smiling, the news was soon to arrive.
"Tis a girl sir!" Said the waitress to the British ambassador.
"And me wife?" The ambassador asked in a hurry.
The maid looked down for a second, she could not face him.
"She did not survive long enough to hold her baby in her own arms." The maid replied, slowly trying to understand the sadness in her own words.

The man in silence walked onto the room, upon the bed stood a now cold corpse, covered by the sheets, he turned his sight away, he could not face it, he moved past the bed and to his right stood a small baby's bed, in it stood a small figure, unknown to many, nameless, motherless.
The man stood silent, it was a day of great sadness and he knew, but he could not think of sadness, not after he looked upon the eyes of the child, he hoped for a boy to follow his steps upon the Kings side in Britain, but destiny once again played a trick on him, but he cared not, he feared not, tis was his baby, his daughter.

"Rachel, ye shall be called Rachel, just has your mother, for I am sure that both share more then just the same eyes."
And so, the baby smiled and the harsh Sea sang his song in strength, the waves made them selfs heard afar.

Through several years even in while being tutored Rachel Lockhart found herself daydreaming, she did not care for man, she did not care to learn either, she did not liked shopping at all and above all she did not cared for anything that normal women would like, all she cared and dreamed off was to sail upon the sea's face the enemies of the crown and to stand were many would cower, she dreamed of fighting with her Rapier with dangerous foes, she dreamed of sailing at the sound of waves and cannons, one more dangerous then the other. And every time she did, she would be brought back to earth and told that a lady should never think of such things, that it was not a womens place to lead a crew of savage mean and sailors, that a womens place was not in the sea but in the land taking care of her own.
She frowned but she did not forget and never took long to go back and to dream once more of being far off into the gentle sea facing harsh foes...

Soon after Rachel father died, she was left a small fortune, enough to live a long time, hunt for a "trophy" and do what normal women would, she didn't even thought of it, she never really cared, all she cared was to get her crew, but sadly she lacked the skill and respect needed for such things, so instead she bought herself a pass into a world of man, she entered the British Royal Academy, one of the few women who were ever allowed in such places.
Did not took long for her teachers to praise her, even beyond the skill of others, even teachers.

"In my many years of teaching I have never seen such fierce determination, the sword is strong only has strong has the hand that handles it, in her case its of steel!" They said, she indeed learned how to master the Rapier with ease and with such ease she faced her opponents one by one.
Then again it was her long dream, nothing would stop her, nothing and no one.

"She may lack tactical knowledge, but she is still young and she can surely stand her own in High Sea's, she Admiral I would call a Captain without harm and without fear." Maybe she may eventually have her own Crew, the teacher said with belief.
"AHAH, A women leading a crew of man? Who would respect her? No man would sail under a skirt!" British Admiral stated with a grin.
"Perhaps we are wrong, she is strong and she is smart above all she is fearless, she does not fear being sunk, she fears being sunk before the mission is done!"
"And may I add that when it comes to skill she can surpass many, but she is still learning and time is the best of teachers." The British teacher enforced, he knew the Admiral was right, but it would be a shame to let such skill and finesse be of no use.
"Indeed, if such is true then we should not waste it, I shall send her to a Captain friend, she will learn with him and perhaps one day she may take over her own ship and her own Crew... Time will tell has you said old chap."

And so, after several years of training and learning she found herself dreaming in reality, she was aboard a known ship learning with a famous Captain, soon she gained respect and fear through the crew! Until the one day where winds tread lightly on such a sunny day, a day where Private Lockhart would take another step towards destiny, maybe a destiny who was meant to be before all started, maybe a destiny the sea's chosen for her, for only they could bring such affinity to its dangers and pleasures.
Alongside with such hardened crew she found a place to call home other then the Sea's, she joined the Caribbean Royal Navy, whom she joined without hesitation and without fear!

Tis a story who up till now still goes, but only the sea's will stay to know the tale or Cap. Lockhart and of its end if ever ends.

Hope you liked it, was simple and I wanted to make it look like parts of a book.

I will add more information later another day, my lunch break just finished and I got a headache.
PS: Rachel is my youngest sister name, so it was my first call, Lockhart because I like it and I believe it would fit into the 1720's environment. Therefore Rachel Lockhart

So what do you think?
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PostSubject: Re: Rachel Lockhart, the History Vol. I   Thu Jan 31, 2008 9:02 am

Aye, it be a fine story there Admiral Lockhart! very good.
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Rachel Lockhart, the History Vol. I
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