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 Captain Michael de Ruyter

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PostSubject: Captain Michael de Ruyter   Tue Jan 29, 2008 12:29 pm

Real Name: Michael
In-Game Name: Michael de Ruyter (Yes. I have difficulty RP'ing a character that does not have my first name. Silly, isn't it?)
Age: I prefer to keep that to myself for now, sorry.
Gender: Male
Previous MMO Experience: Too many to mention. I started with Anarchy Online, after that came Star Wars Galaxies and many, many more MMORPGs. I've been a moderator on, too.
Goals in the Game: I always like collecting the rarest and most valuable items, and trading them. Other than that, a healthy dose of small-skirmish PvP and challenging PvE is always fun.
Why the Royal Navy: You seem like a medium sized guild, who are rather active in all parts of the game without being either 'too casual' or too hardcore. I enjoy that. I also like the optional ranking structure you get to engage in, which I'm definitely planning to do.
What You Have to Offer: Even though I have a rather time consuming job (I'm a cop), you can be sure that, at the times when I am online, I'll do my utmost best to add to the overall fun level of the society. I'm about to go back to university in 5 months, with a psychology major/sociology minor. So you can bet that I know how to do my part to make the society the best it can be!
Other Comments: I like pie. (?)
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PostSubject: Re: Captain Michael de Ruyter   Tue Jan 29, 2008 1:06 pm

Welcome to the Royal Navy Smile

One of the society officers will contact you in game asap


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Captain Michael de Ruyter
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